Purpose of Advanced Mind Maps web site

I would like you to benefit from using mind maps as I have.  This site will reveal the tools and techniques of mind mapping which has greatly improved my effectiveness in life.  I will try to lead you on a journey from a beginner’s introduction to becoming a seasoned master of mind mapping.  I have organized the content to make it easy for you to jump on and off at any station along the journey.

How you can benefit from using mind maps

  • Saving Time
  • Avoiding Failure
    • Do you have sticky notes?
    • Did you forget something?
    • How do I find….?
  • Clearing your mind
    • Your brain works harder when it must keep track of unwritten mental notes
    • Capture those great ideas in those brief moments of inspiration
  • Collaborate with others with better communication tools

Where to start (our Help page)

  • I have never seen a mind map
  • I have seen a mind map but never used one
  • Give me some quick and simple ideas of how mind maps are used
  • What apps create maps
    • Bigger Plate has examples of mind maps compatible with different apps

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