Before I learned about mind maps I used lists created in a spreadsheet or wrote notes in a little pocket notebook. I tried using pda’s like the Palm Pilot or software apps to organize to-do lists, calendars, and contacts. Those tools were not well suited to capturing ideas and reorganizing those phrases and concepts into a well defined project with structure, hierarchy, timeline, and details specific to each item in the list.

I use mind mapping to keep my head clear of details.  Without a written list those details would nag me constantly.  As I tried not to forget all those things I needed to do I reduced my capacity to focus on the task at hand.  More often, I simply dropped the ball.  Someone else would remind me about something I forgot.  I felt less effective and unreliable at times.  Now mind mapping has changed my life.  I can do a brain dump in a mind map and reorganize the content in minutes, without distraction, then further refine my ideas in a conveniently laid out canvas.  The details are in the mind map, well thought out and ready for action.  My head is clear. The details are no longer being memorized and consuming brain capacity.

I use mind maps for a variety of purposes, to research topics and assemble content using image captures, links, and write notes assigned to specific topics.  Sometimes a simple to-do list is all I need.

I created this site to help you realize incremental gains in effectiveness. By using this site you will have a convenient journey toward that end. You are invited to explore, learn, and share how mind maps improve outcomes.

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